How to Dress in Retro Style

When we talk about vintage fashion, we refer to the original pieces from the 20th century. Retro fashion is the name given to current, contemporary pieces that are copies or revisions of clothes from the last century. Are you interested in retro fashion, but don’t know how to adopt this style? We have separated five tips that will help you in this mission:

1 – Which era (or decade) do you identify with?

If you want to adopt the retro aesthetic, but are afraid to invest in pieces that you don’t know if they will look good on you; you’re short on cash and want to invest in the right pieces; or you’re unsure if you’ll give up halfway through; here’s the first tip: check which decade of the 20th century you most identify with and think you’ll wear, regardless of whether it’s fashionable or not. We will use as examples for this article, three very popular eras: the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.

How to Dress in Retro Style 40’s and 50’s
How to Dress in Retro Style late 50’s to late 60’s

2 – Do some Research on the Era You Have Chosen

We have listed some characteristics of the three decades mentioned, surely you will be able to tell which one you have more affinity and is more a part of your daily life or what you want to transform your look:

1940’s Fashion
Do you like pencil skirts? Broad shoulders and a slim waist? Medium length hair? Do you like sober tones? This could be your decade!

The 1940s silhouette basically consisted of broad, padded shoulders, a natural waist, and narrow hips. But perhaps its most prominent pieces were the simple, buttoned blouses with small collars. In them, puffed sleeves made the shoulders look larger, and they were not tight-fitting, but always loose-fitting.

Current options inspired by the 1940s fashion: calf-length dresses and pantaloons. Blouses with closed necklines.

Unique Vintage clothes inspired by the silhouette of the 40s

1950’s Fashion

Do you like flowing, voluminous skirts and small shoulders? Do you like midi lengths? Do you love the idea of wearing girdles or corsets? Do you like short hair? Do you like colorful floral prints and pastel colors? You were born for the 50s!

Unique Vintage clothing inspired by the silhouette of the 50s

1960’s Fashion

Do you have a young, fun-loving spirit, like short skirts, shorts, and dresses in evasive silhouettes? Do you like long hair with long bangs? And how about long boots? The 1960s are modern and edgy, and may be perfect for you, futuristic girl!

Current options inspired by 1960’s fashion: evasive dresses, tubular pleats, pleated…

Unique Vintage clothing inspired by the 60s silhouette

3 – Follow the silhouette!

If you want to pay homage to the decades of the past, your retro looks need to follow the silhouette of the chosen era. That is, avoid mixing pieces from the 1940s with those of the 1960s, for example, this mixture would result in a contemporary look. If the idea is to create a complete retro look, the ideal is to combine pieces from the same decade.

4 – Can you wear pants?

Pants were not standard attire for women of the eras in question, but you could, yes, wear pants, especially pantaloons and fabric pants for the 1940s. For 1950, only teenage girls wore jeans, but skinny, girdle-style pants were already in fashion that persisted into the 1960s with the addition of pants with a slightly wider mouth – always in fabric!

5 – Start now

Once you’ve decided when you want to start investing in your look, all you have to do is store around for the silhouette style in stores, thrift stores, and fairs. And if you have any doubts, take a small list or print this article to consult, if necessary! Also, be sure to tell us about your experience, how you took your first steps in retro style, and what your favorite era is!

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