Supporting Our Vets

The Warbird Pinup Girls team would like to salute our WWII heroes. Click on the thumbnails below to view the photos and stories of our featured vets.

Letters from the troops

The Warbird Pinup Girls team sends calendars and care packages to the troops every year. We love receiveing the wonderful letters and photos from our brave men. CBelow are some of the great photos and letters we received from the troops serving overseas.


SMSgt Mark Aragon and the rest of the guys serving in Afghanistan


The RAF team in Afghanistan saying thank you for the calendars


A thank you letter from the troops at Operation Enduring Freedom

"Warbird Pinup Girls"
Thank you so much for your wonderful support of our troops. My unit is a SEAL Team and due to the price on our heads around the world, Naval Special Warfare Command has a pretty strict policy about no pictures or names released with our operators in it. "I want to make sure people know how awesome it is that you support our troops deployed in Afghanistan this winter. Playboy is great and all, but real heroes are also men of honor. Nothing makes a warrior willing to fight for his country more than knowing he is protecting and defending our home grown sexy, yet classy American Pin-Up Girls. Pin-ups were loved by my grandfather when he fought in WWII and are still cherished today. We don't need to see everything, just enough to remember what we are all fighting for. Please pass along our sincere thanks to your lovely ladies who have brought back a real sense of class and beauty to our world over here. A man's strength protects, but a woman's beauty nurtures and heals! If your reading this and love your country, then please support the troops and buy a Warbird Pin-Up Calendar today."