What Our Fans Say...

We love and enjoy hearing from our fans! if it wasn't for your support we would not be able to keep producting the beautiful images and calendars we love creating so much. Here are just a few of the many great reviews we recieved.

"Such incredible talent and passion has gone into these photographs."
Amy B.

"Natural, stunning PinUp Girls in front of beautiful WW2 flying aircraft.WPG are the Bomb.Keep up the Great work!!!"
Alex W.

"I love the group I am an Illustrator who happens to paint Pin ups and aircraft"
Eddie H.

"A great way to keep history alive and to spotlight the Greatest Generation and the sacrifices they made."
Michael M.

"Excellent pic of all the Aircrafts ..not just of the Ladies..."
David B.

"I love to see both the Planes and the Women this page rocks"
Mark B.

"Just rating for the photos and the quality of the models. Not everyday do I see pinup girls that look like they are from the era their supposed to be."
Ashley A.

"Pretty cool stuff you guys have here. Keep up the good work."
Ed G.

"I Love the Classic Mix of WWII Warbirds and Beautiful Pin-up Models! Keep them coming! Happy New Year to All!..."
Bruce P.

"Absolutely stunning photos capturing the look and feel of an era gone by. Gorgeous!"
Tom K.

" was not into Warbirds Pinup Girls until last year that I bought one of your Pinup Girls Calendar, since then I been following your excellent job at FB . (Warbird Pinup Girls) Thank you!"
Ben H.

"I LOVE Warbird Pinup Girls - Beautiful Women On GORGEOUS AirCraft."
Fawn E.

"Great idea to get beautiful ladies, all dolled up in 1940's period outfits like the artwork on so many WW2 warbirds.... Poss them on the real aviation legends and then produce great quality calendars, t shirts and other great items.... Long May Warbird Pinup's be a success...;-)"
Gary V.

"Beautiful planes and beautiful women! Followed this site for over 1 year."
Dan M.

"Love these! Classic and classy! Beautiful ladies and old warbirds!!"
Andrew M.

"Met photographer Chris Kieffer at the Atlanta Warbird Weekend. I was immediately impressed with the quality of the photographs, the beauty of the models and his extensive aviation knowledge. He really takes the time and puts in great effort to capture classic 40's pin ups and classic warbirds. Well done!"
Scott P.

"Beautifull girls and birds... That's not very far from heaven. Is it ?"
Frederic C.

"Thank you for the very tasteful way you have kept the warbirds pinup spirit alive!"
Jeff M.

"Great site and just lovely photos of just beautiful aircraft with equally lovely and stunning ladies with an equal balance - well don!"
Chris C.

"Absolutely love the pin up girls with all the old birds....sexy on both sides!"
Rick G.

"Most tasteful modern warbird pin ups I've ever seen!! The originals were the very best!"
Tom J.

"Nostalgia ....I really like photos with a more than passing homage to yesteryears pin-ups thanks"
Norman W.

"One of best calendars I have ever seen classy taste full stylish wish I could buy one."
Christopher D.

" have been following for about a year or so. I love the work done here. Christian & Gili do an amazing job, organizing the shoots, models, planes, retro clothing for those shoots, the web site, the merchandise, even the attendance at air shows. I have bought many of their calendars, and love it when one or more of the models personally sign & smooch their shot. Warbird Pinup Girls is awesome!"
Chuck V.

"ery tastefully done! It is nice to see someone doing it with class and respect. SEMPER FI"
Gregory M.

"Classic beauties!! I was born in the wrong era..."
David S.

"Love all of the photos on here. Absolutely stunning!"
Mandy P.

"Beautiful women and beautiful planes are a perfect combination!"
Gary W.